Pack (Cub & Brownie)

A child, once a registered member, becomes a Pack (Cub & Brownie) by investiture, on completion of the initial requirements.

Ages:   8 - 10 years old

Unit Name:   Pack

Small Groups:   Sixes

Meetings:   Approximately1½ hours weekly


 – Program 

To meet the Mission and Principles of Peace Scouts Force in the Pack program, the

following goals guide activities that encourage Pack to:

(i)  express and respond to God’s love in their daily lives;

(ii)  do their best;

 (iii) keep fit;

 (iv)  satisfy their curiosity and need for adventure and new experiences;

(v)  be creative and develop a sense of accomplishment;

 (vi)  make choices;

(vii)  develop a sense of fair play, trust and caring;

(viii) work together in small groups and experience being a leader;

 (ix)  participate in outdoor activities; and

(x)  learn about the natural world and their part in it.


 – Activities

Badge and Star work, games, music, storytelling, playacting, crafts, outdoors, and

spiritual fellowship.


– Promise 

I promise to do my best; to love and serve God, to keep the law of the Pack; and to do a good turn for somebody every day.


– Law

The Cub respects the Old Wolf, the Cub respects himself/herself.


 – Motto

Do Your Best.