Our Plans & Programs

1.   Youth (Cadet) and Scouts Teachers Training Program.

2.    Youth Leadership / Personal Development Training Program.

3.    Social & Community Development Training Program.

4.    Skill Development / Income Generate Training Program.   

5.    Civil Education / Socio-Cultural Promotion Training Program.  

6.    Management for Parking and Traffic Services. 

7.    Journalism Training Program.                 

8.    Tourism Development promotion Training Program.   

9.    National and International level would influence youth in the way of self-realization, Personality and Mentality Development, Positive thinking, Education & Career Development, exposing creativity (inner talent) etc.


Special Programs held by NISA



  1. "1st. Scouts Training Camp" [Nepal Scouts - National Training Center, Sundarijal, Kathmandu Nepal. ] 2-5 June 2011.
  2. 1st. Independent Scouts Interdictory Training Program. On Occasion of World Peace Day [21st September 2011] Peace Scouts Force was established. At Navodit Higher Secondary School / College Kathmandu Nepal.
  3. Meeting Among Different Schools principals was held and on 17th December 2011, inside the National Scouts Development Foundation Nepal. On - other Meeting Among Different Teachers was held. Again after the Occasion Of World Thinking Day's Organized Scouts Mission Camp. Falgun 6-8-2068 [ Feb –18 to 20 - 2012 ] At Saraswoti Higher Secondary School / Tokha, Kathmandu Nepal.
  4. 24-30 Chaitra 2068 (Apr- 6 to 12-2011) 1st. Scouts Mastership and Unit Management Training Program. At Little Buddha’s Academy/Soyambhu, Kathmandu Nepal
  5. NEPAL INDEPENDENT SCOUTS ASSOCIATON And Peace Scouts Force With 1st. Independent Scouts Camp 2012, On Occasion of World Peace Day. has been Jointly Inaugurate by Honorable Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, Government of Nepal MINISTER FOR PEACE AND RECONCILIATION at 20 September 2012, Kathmandu.



Scouting  Activities (Action Group as a Peace Scouts Force.)


1.       Social & Community Service Scouts Group

2.       Tourism Scouts Crew

3.       Adventure Scouts Crew

4.       Traffic Scouts Troop / Crew

5.       Air Craft Scouts Crew

6.       Transport Scouts Crew

7.       Media Scouts Crew [Mass Communication]

8.       Exploration of NGO’s / INGO’s and other Activities. 

9.       Social Security Scouts Crew