Aims, Method and Objectives:

The Aim of the Association is to try and deliver, Traditional Scouting as defined by Scouts Founder Lord Baden Powell in his books , "Scouts Movement of the World"  " Scouting" "Scouts Hand Books" "Scouting for Boys" "Rovering to succes" "Aids to Scoutmastership" and Other books etc.


  • This Association is non profit and Service Oriented Scouts Organization beneficial to Community Development Program and Educational field.
  • This Association will also provide Trainings to the Scouts,Youth Leadership  and Scouts Teachers so that the Students will be able to capable and skilled to take part in the Scouting  Activities.
  • Through this Scouting Activities are held among Different Schools, Colleges Ngo's then the best students, Youths, Teachers are Awarded  by Scouts Movement.
  • prizes through which they are Encouraged in Future Life.
  • Scouting Activities / Cultural and Educational Ex-change Program.
  • "Health Environment, First Aid, Safety Reasons" and Social Security Service etc.


Scout’s Goals and Functions Policies

 Association is always responsible for the Scouts Development Programs of

          [School's and College's Co-Activities Program]

  • For Association member school / College and Open Group Scouts Always Motivates this Different School for the Development of  Schools'  and Colleges'    Scouts Students Talent.
  • The main policy of  this Association is to work equally with all the member for the Scouts Development / Social, Economic and Cultural aspects.


 Relationship of  Association with Nepal Government and on-other Country

Nepal Independent Scouts can have different relationship with Nepal Government but to Contact with on-other Country first contact related ministry.  


Association's Relation and Authority

This Association has an authority towards the Nepal Government, Nepal Scouts , National Scouts Development Foundation Nepal. Solidarity of National Scouter's Association Nepal And any Kind of Related Commission or other related Committee.