About us

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'NISA' is a Non-Profitable, Non-Political And Service Oriented Non-Government Organization in Nepal. This Association is Founded in 22 Feb 2011. On Occasion Of Scouts Founder Robert Stephenson Smith Baden Powell of Gilwell's Birth Day. And On Occasion of World Peace Day [21st September 2011] Peace Scouts Force was Established.

Official Promoters - 251 Scouts & Scouter and Total Members 1500. This Organization plays very important role in the Scouts Movement in Nepal. and This Scouts Force plays Scouts Activities and Social Action in Community  Area.

The Sustainable Development of the Scouting Activities is necessary and this Association is Committed to maintain mutual relation undertaken and Co-operate with all Schools, Collages and Ngo's so that we could be successful in the progress. Several (various) theoretical, practical and applied education age necessary for the development of creative talent of students that we get from book is not adequate Extra knowledge is as important as we get from book and main way of getting extra knowledge is regular reading / writing of given curricular only cannot develop ones character and discipline, for this has to given equal opportunity to participate in Scouts Movement.

The Mission of Scouts ! ! !             

Scouts is to attract and educate more and more young people through Scouting to develop themselves physically, mentally, Socially and spiritually and emotionally in order to make themselves responsible citizens and inculcate in them the spirit of World Brotherhood & Sisterhood.

 Nepal Independent Scouts Establishment  Founders Organizations.     

This Association has been Established on the basis of  Nepal Government Registered,

1.       Solidarity of  National Scouter's  Association Nepal.

2.       National Scouts development Foundation Nepal.

3.       Lord Baden Powell Memorial International Educational Foundation Nepal.


Aims, Method and Objectives:

The Aim of the Association is to try and deliver, Traditional Scouting as defined by Scouts Founder Lord Baden Powell in his books , "Scouts Movement of the World"  " Scouting" "Scouts Hand Books" "Scouting for Boys" "Rovering to succes" "Aids to Scoutmastership" and Other books etc.


  • This Association is non profit and Service Oriented Scouts Organization beneficial to Community Development Program and Educational field.
  • This Association will also provide Trainings to the Scouts,Youth Leadership  and Scouts Teachers so that the Students will be able to capable and skilled to take part in the Scouting  Activities.
  • Through this Scouting Activities are held among Different Schools, Colleges Ngo's then the best students, Youths, Teachers are Awarded  by Scouts Movement.
  • prizes through which they are Encouraged in Future Life.
  • Scouting Activities / Cultural and Educational Ex-change Program.
  • "Health Environment, First Aid, Safety Reasons" and Social Security Service etc.

Scout’s Goals and Functions Policies

 Association is always responsible for the Scouts Development Programs of

          [School's and College's Co-Activities Program]

  • For Association member school / College and Open Group Scouts Always Motivates this Different School for the Development of  Schools'  and Colleges'    Scouts Students Talent.
  • The main policy of  this Association is to work equally with all the member for the Scouts Development / Social, Economic and Cultural aspects.

 Relationship of  Association with Nepal Government and on-other Country

Nepal Independent Scouts can have different relationship with Nepal Government but to Contact with on-other Country first contact related ministry.  

 Association's Relation and Authority

This Association has an authority towards the Nepal Government, Nepal Scouts , National Scouts Development Foundation Nepal. Solidarity of National Scouter's Association Nepal And any Kind of Related Commission or other related Committee.


Government / Private And Communities Schools /Colleges and same type of  Educational, Cultural and Sports Development and any kind  of  private institutions established under the law of  Nepal Government can be member of  Association.

 Procedure for the membership with Association

For the membership of the Association the interested above mentioned institutions can fill up the application form provided by the Central Secretariat . The applications are approved by the Central Committee and the membership is provided to them.

 Common/Ordinary Membership

Those Interested people or institutions can get the ordinary membership paying  entrance fee of rupees 300/- and annual fee of rupees 365 /- and should follow the mentioned instructions.

The ordinary member Fee pay their annual renew amount within every last of  Chaitra and also pay some certain extra amount for renew.

Founder Member

People involved at the time of opening or register are the Founder Membership members and paying amount mentioned by this member can be the ordinary member or whole life member.

 Organizing Member

Those Organizing members School / Colleges and Ngos' pay Registration Fee rupees 1000/- The member Fee pay their annual renew amount within every last of  Chaitra.

Lifetime Membership

By paying a lump sum amount of rupees 5000/- and following the mentioned procedure are can be the lifetime member.

 Honorary Member

Those Educators, Senior Scouters, Social workers, Senior specific persons and loyal Nepali Citizenship can be the honorary member thought appropriate by the Association.


Financial Source of the Association

  1. Association gets the financial source through the fee paid by those people or institutions at the time of membership.
  2. Donation given by any people or institutions, profit earning organization etc.
  3. By their own interest for the take of help.
  4. By the sale of liquid fixed assets of the Association.
  5. Through the Donation from Foreign Organization, Foreign People or International Organizations.
  6. Help from Nepal Government and local Area.
  7. Income from the Different Activities Organize by the Association.  



   External Environment

       External environments are the most important part of any business so everyone should have knowledge of different types of external environments because these effects the Associations and business directly or indirectly. These are not controlled by us. Sometimes these environments give us opportunities at the same time they will negatively affect our business. So everyone should have the knowledge of these external environments. Talking about the external environment there are many external environment in our surrounding. Among them we will discuss some that have relationship with our Association.  


  1. Political Environment: Politics is basic, without politics country cannot run. So political environment effects any Associations in a country. It is obvious that the changes the political parties in government there will be changes in the government rule. We are working in the existing government rule but when    suddenly another political party comes in power then the government rule changes which will effects our business. So political environment is one the most effective external environment.
  2. Geographical Factor: Geographical situation of any Organization  directly effects that Association. Association is related to the Scouts Activities held         between different schools / colleges located at different Area. So geographical factor directly affects the Association because Central Executive           Board should have contact with different schools these schools are located at different geographical areas.
  3. So Council have to make plans, policies and activities suitable for the geographical factor. Location of Board will also affects the smooth running of the Scouts Movement Organized by Association and also the location where the Scouts activities  are going to be held. If the location is easy, then the objectives of the Central Executive Board are fulfilled.   
  4. Technology: Technology is going to be changed day by day. So what type of technology used is also important. If our Association uses the new or advanced technology in required place then the performance of Council will absolutely match the objectives of Association as well as the need of participant schools / colleges. On the other hand if the Association uses old technology then the objectives of the Association cannot meet and also the Association cannot expand its business i.e. its  member Schools / Colleges will be decreased. For this new technology finance is most.
  5. Socio and Culture: The socio and culture of the country will affect the Association. Under socio and cultural it involves people's lifestyle, values, norms,     beliefs, etc. which are very important for every Association. For Association performance, it has to work with different member schools. These different      Schools, Colleges have different socio and cultural environment. So, it has to work with those people who have different values, lifestyle, beliefs etc. So Association should have good knowledge of socio and cultural environment otherwise it will be difficult to tackle with different schools / colleges, which is very important for its business.
  • Internal Environment:

       In this way these external environment affects our Association. Similarly many such internal environments that directly affects the Association. Internal environment are those which occurs inside the Associations. They are controlled by the people inside the Associations, so, study of internal environments occurs inside the Associations. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Goals, Policies and Strategies: Every Organization are established to achieve certain or specific goals. To achieve the goals Association have made plans,  policies and strategies. Implementation of these plans and policies in better way or effective way can achieve the goals. So these goals, policies and strategies are the internal factors of the Association. These are controlled by the member of the  Association because goals are made by the people inside the Association and to achieve the goals plans and policies are also made by same people. And Finally  according to the plans and policies performance are done strategically so that goals are achieved easily. These all are internal factors which are occurred inside the                            business Association.
  2. Organizational Culture: Another important internal environment of Associations  is Organizational culture. Its the working environment of any Association. The  working environment, behaviour shown by the high level people toward the low  level employee is also the Organizational culture. This type of culture effect the operation of the Association. If the relation of co-worker is good the working environment will also be good so  that we can get best result. So to achieve the best result in an Association we should have good knowledge about the Association culture.
  3.  Organizational Structure: This is also the most important internal environment that effects the working system of an Association. Organizational structure means  the physical structure of the Associations like building, available of technology, location, no. of manpower. In the some way manpower, technology and location  should also be under the consideration. If the Association is big and it needs big  space, huge amount of manpower, new technology then the arrangements are done according to the need. So these factors are very important because without these no  Associations can run smoothly.
  4.  Organizational resources: Organizational resources are the physical resources, financial resources, human resources. Availability of these resources can achieve the goals of the Associations. But if these resources are not available the time of requirement then the Associations can not run.  So this is possible only by the  maintenance or management of the resources. If they are managed properly then  only goals are achieved. These resources are internal factors because these are under control of Organizational people. But they should have good knowledge of  these Organizational resources, their need, importance.

This Nepal Independent Scouts Association plays a vital role in the personal development of students. Besides study, Scouts encourages those students who are interested in Scouts  activities and develops their confidence in competition. Like study, Scouts activities are equally important for the students to compete today competitive world. It helps students to be creative, develops ones character and discipline. Scouts gives equal opportunities to all the students who are really interested in Scouts Movement For all these opportunities interested schools/ colleges should be the member of Association by following the mentioned procedures. To develop students personality not only Association but also the Schools / Colleges should Co-operate. In this way Association plays an important role in Scouts Movement.