PABSON or Private and Boarding Schools' Organisation, Nepal is the most renowned, active, largest and widespread umbrella organization of Private and Boarding Schools in Nepal. It was established in 2047BS (1991AD) and registered with the Government (the then HMG) of Nepal. The Establishment registration no. at the Central District Office (CDO), Kathmandu is 203 as of 2047.9.24 and the National Directive Act Registration No. is 646-056/057 as of 2056.10.19B.S. PABSON is guided by its own Constitution and acts as an umbrella organisation for all its member schools. It performs its functions through various Central, Regional and District Committees, Sub-committees and Departments, duly elected/nominated as per the provisions of its constitution. PABSON is also acting as a nodal agency in coordinating with various government agencies, non-government agencies and other stake holders on all matters pertaining to school education, especially those concerned with private sector education.