Government / Private And Communities Schools /Colleges and same type of  Educational, Cultural and Sports Development and any kind  of  private institutions established under the law of  Nepal Government can be member of  Association.


 Procedure for the membership with Association

For the membership of the Association the interested above mentioned institutions can fill up the application form provided by the Central Secretariat . The applications are approved by the Central Committee and the membership is provided to them.


 Common/Ordinary Membership

Those Interested people or institutions can get the ordinary membership paying  entrance fee of rupees 300/- and annual fee of rupees 365 /- and should follow the mentioned instructions.

The ordinary member Fee pay their annual renew amount within every last of  Chaitra and also pay some certain extra amount for renew.


Founder Member

People involved at the time of opening or register are the Founder Membership members and paying amount mentioned by this member can be the ordinary member or whole life member.


Organizing Member

Those Organizing members School / Colleges and Ngos' pay Registration Fee rupees 1000/- The member Fee pay their annual renew amount within every last of  Chaitra.


Lifetime Membership

By paying a lump sum amount of rupees 5000/- and following the mentioned procedure are can be the lifetime member.


Honorary Member

Those Educators, Senior Scouters, Social workers, Senior specific persons and loyal Nepali Citizenship can be the honorary member thought appropriate by the Association.


Financial Sources of the Association

  1. Association gets the financial source through the fee paid by those people or institutions at the time of membership.
  2. Donation given by any people or institutions, profit earning organization etc.
  3. By their own interest for the take of help.
  4. By the sale of liquid fixed assets of the Association.
  5. Through the Donation from Foreign Organization, Foreign People or International Organizations.
  6. Help from Nepal Government and local Area.
  7. Income from the Different Activities Organize by the Association.