Mr. Marasini has been suspended....

This is to inform all you that Mr. Sudhan Marasini (Nikname : Prakanda Sharma ) along with few others has attempt to defame the relationship between NISA - Nepal Peace Scouts Force & WFIS. So until the next decisions, he has been suspended from the associations.Please regard this text as confirmation of any activities or documents posted by Mr. Marasini as unauthorised . as per the decisions he has been charged of the following offence :

1.Being a founder member, Mr. Marasini has attempt to slander the NISA - Nepal Peace Scouts Force stating that he is General Secretary of Peace Scouts Force and same has been informed to WOIS and WFIS with the motive of spreading delusion.

2.Further, Mr. Marasini has also attempted to defame the relationship between Nepal scouts and NISA - Peace Scouts Force by altering the name and logo of Nepal Scouts in the picture of  'Baden Powell Scouts Peak' and altering the name im logo of NISA by writting 'Nepal Peace Scout / est. 2013.'Most importantly, 

Ajaya bajracharya

General Secretary

NISA -Peace Scouts Force



NISA Celebrates it's Inauration ceremony.

'NISA' is a Non-Profitable, Non-Political And Service Oriented Non-Government Organization in Nepal. This Association is Founded in 22 Feb 2011. On Occasion Of Scouts Founder Robert Stephenson Smith Baden Powell of Gilwell's Birth Day. And On Occasion of World Peace Day [21st September 2011] Peace Scouts Force was Established. Official Promoters - 251 Scouts & Scouter and Total Members 1500. This Organization plays very important role in the Scouts Movement in Nepal. and This Scouts Force plays Scouts Activities and Social Action in Community Area.

Nepal Independent Scouts Association (NISA) & Peace Scouts Force with 1st. Independent Scouts Camp 2012 was jointly inaugurated by Honorable Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, Government of Nepal, Minister for Peace & Reconciliation in Thankot Kathmandu. In the camp there was 515 scouts, scouters, guardians & different school's principals with teachers were participated & enjoyed different kinds of scouting activities during the camp program. Finally, this kind of programs help to boost up the scouting activities in the Nepal as well as World.