About us

'NISA' is a Non-Profitable, Non-Political, Service Oriented Non-Governmental National Organization in Nepal. This Association is Founded in 22 Feb 2011 On Occasion Of Scouts Founder Robert Stephenson Smith Baden Powell's Birth Day. And On Occasion of World Peace Day [21st September 2011] Peace Scouts Force was Established as action group or central bureau. This organization was established with 251 official promoters, and with 1500 scouts and guides and has its headquarter at Kathmandu, Nepal. It is the Second Largest National Scouting Organization in NEPAL.The NISA's current stated mission is "to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Scout Law, to help build a better Nation where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society". NISA is organized into regions, Clusters and operates with a Peace Scouts Force, committee and bureau.The NISA is associated with three Scouting Associations in Nepal. The Independent Scouts Day is held roughly every years under the auspices of the NISA, with members of Nepal Scouts also invited. NISA also organises the world Scout Moot, Rover Moots, Jamborees, Camporees and camps for every scouting Sections, and has organised the Scout Leaders Training, a gathering for Scout leaders to teach scouting Activities. The National Scouts Development Foundation Nepal is a perpetual fund governed by a separate Board of Governors and supported by donations for the development of NISA associated Scouting programs throughout the Nepal as well as Asia.NISA became a member of the World Federation of Independent Scouts WFIS in 2013. And it is registered under the Government of Nepal with great Affiliation of social welfare council.it is also Alliance for World Scouts Fellowship (WSF).